[LCA2015-Chat] Emacs BoF

Jason Lewis jason at dickson.st
Wed Dec 17 21:25:22 EST 2014

Hi People,

I'm organising an Emacs BoF. Things we can cover:

Things we can cover:

What's new in 24.4
What's going into 25
Marmalade is now hosted in elnode
Getting started with emacs
org-mode to keep yourself organised
magit for working with git
Emacs 24: package management, lexical variables, oh my!
Elnode the async emacs-lisp webserver
How to deal with coming across from Vi(m)
emacs users mailing list

or any other topics that may be of interest.

Time: Tuesday 13th January 2015, 7:30PM
Venue: OGGB 4

I propose we go for dinner afterwards to continue the discussion.


Jason Lewis

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