[LCA2015-Chat] Python Software Foundation Outreach Programme

Steven Ellis steve at lca2015.linux.org.au
Thu Dec 18 15:38:50 EST 2014

LCA 2015 and the Python Software Foundation are proud to support our
community. To supplement the existing InternetNZ Diversity fund the PSF
have donated additional funds for candidates within the Python community.

The Python Software Foundation appreciates LCA 2015's commitment to
diversity, and is proud to add its own contribution in the form of the
Python Software Foundation Outreach Fund. Much system software for Linux is
written in Python (including both distro level tools and open source system
management projects like OpenStack, Salt and Ansible), and Linux is often
the default choice for deployment of Python web services and other
networked applications. This contribution is intended to strengthen ties
between the Python and Linux communities by assisting under-represented
delegates who participate in the Python community in the region but,
without financial assistance, would not be able to attend LCA 2015.

For more information please see our funding registration page.

Steven Ellis
 Vice Chair and Sponsorship Lead LCA 2015 Auckland NZ
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