[LCA2015-Chat] Invitation: community leadership summit miniconf

Donna Benjamin donna at pnx.com.au
Wed Dec 31 10:51:50 EST 2014

One of the final items on my 2014 todo list is to reach out to all of you
about the community leadership miniconf at linux.conf.au

I'd like your help!

linux.conf.au really is a special event.  My first was in Dunedin, so it's
nice to be heading back to NZ.

One of the things that makes LCA so special is the community around it, and
I think that's worth reflecting on in advance of the miniconf on Tuesday 13

The wikipage is the goto place to get started.

This will be an "unconference".  We'll be setting the agenda on the day,
but keeping to the break times designated by the conference.

For those of you've attended the Community Leadership Summit that takes
place before OSCON in Portland each year, this should feel familiar.  For
those who haven't, there's a wealth of background information if you're


And in particular, the ongoing forum here:

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