[Chat] Parking options for those driving from out of town

Ewen McNeill lca at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Mon Nov 17 10:55:20 EST 2014

On 17/11/14 11:42, Bruce Clement wrote:
> You're staying about 700 metres from the Owen Glenn building so not
> having a car would matter little for the conference itself.

Yes, I definitely plan on walking/using the conference transport while 
_at_ the conference.  The question for me is how I get to the conference 
at the start of the week, and leave at the end of the week.  Driving 
(from Wellington!), rather than flying, gives me more options for travel 
after LCA.  But means that I need "a home for my car" for the week of 
the conference.  Hence the question about longer-than-a-day parking options.

So far the best seems to be "park somewhere outside the CBD/restricted 
parking zones at the start of the week, fetch car after conference" -- 
for which I now have a few options.  But maybe the LCA Team (who I know 
are looking now) and/or the University Accommodation group (who I also 
emailed directly) can turn up something more convenient, but not 
unrealistically expensive[0] (especially since there does appear to be 
a $30/week option for students...).

Thanks everyone who has offered suggestions so far.  If I turn up 
anything that might be of use to others too I'll post it to chat@ and/or 
add it to the Wiki.


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