[Chat] LCA 2015 and InternetNZ Diversity Programme

Cherie Ellis cherie.ellis at lca2015.linux.org.au
Sun Nov 23 13:15:38 EST 2014

The LCA 2015 Organisers are proud to announce our funding programme!

InternetNZ Diversity Programme

LCA 2015 and InternetNZ are proud to support diversity. The InternetNZ
Diversity Programme is one of the many ways we ensure that the LCA 2015
continues to be an open and welcoming conference for everyone. Together
with InternetNZ this program has been created to assist under-represented
delegates who contribute to the Open Source community but, without
financial assistance, would not be able to attend LCA 2015.

For more information please see our funding registration page:

LCA 2015 is proud to acknowledge the support of our Emperor Penguin
Sponsors, Catalyst IT, HP and IBM, and our diversity sponsor Internet NZ

The LCA 2015 Team

linux.conf.au is one of the foremost open source conferences in the world
and is considered the most prestigious in the Southern Hemisphere. The
conference is well-known for the speakers' and delegates' depth of talent
and its focus on technical linux content.

LCA 2015 will be held in Auckland, New Zealand from Monday 12 to Friday 16
January 2015. Registrations are now open.

http://www.lca2015.linux.org.au   #BeAwesome
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