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I am really sorry but I forgot who I had this conversation with and am
hoping that they're subbed to this list and the topic will ring a bell.

Obviously not tech related and so may bore some...

I happened on a conversation about how the most unlikely of businesses pop
up from unusual stuff. Anyway I gave a couple of examples and said I'd send
links.  Sort of forgot about it till one of those businesses popped up in
my fb timeline and then thinking about it had other examples.

1. Zoo doo. http://www.zoodoo.co.nz/
Zoo doo is being sold in bags, with free home delivery.

Auckland Zoo lists them as one of tie recipients of their waste

A bit of digging found more info...
It is run by Second Chance Enterprises

They have another business called Endangered Faeces

A quick search shows it is available elsewhere in the world from other
zoos, under different names.
Stoiry about Zoo Gro from Melbourne Zoo

Story about various US zoo poo

More stories if you search those names eg Zoo Poopy Doo form Louiseville
Zoo in Kentucky https://www.google.co.nz/search?q=Zoo+Poopy+Doo


What happens to the 2760 tonnes of zoo poo from London Zoo

Last section of page below is about 50 ltr bags from Paignton Zoo Poo (UK)

2. We Compost http://www.wecompost.co.nz/
This is the composting business in Auckland that I forgot the name of.

Basically they have wheelie bins set a businesses and collect it regularly
to compost. http://www.wecompost.co.nz/about/auckland-food-waste-collection/
has more info about it.

Last year, to promote composting There was something called "We Compost
Weekend" where people were to fill paper bags with their household scraps
and exchange it for a voucher/special when they showed up with it. Their
photo album will give you an idea of the size of bags and some of the
Their video promo for that weekend http://vimeo.com/104687840



List of treats were posted as pics on their facebook
Ponsonby Central treats
Treats elsewhere in Auckland


There's already many businesses in Auckland (and probably other areas in
NZ) who collect garden waste.

WeCompost isn't the only composting business. There's worm farms, a bucket
compost system etc.  Also there's others who run their own collection for
their purposes. For example there's a market near where I live on Tues +
Fri mornings. There's vendors selling fruits + veges. I've noticed a horse
trailer picking up waste from the stalls at the end of the day (eg badly
dented fruit, the outer leaves from heads of lettuce/cabbage etc) and one
day asked him if it was for his compost bin. It turns out it is to feed his

4. Hungry Bin  http://www.hungrybin.co.nz/
Worm farm

Here's one set up at a local school

5. Eco Shop
This is a shop set up to sell stuff that may otherwise be dumped in the
landfill. There's lots of things that people chuck out that are still
usable. Anyway this shop sells that stuff. If this is the same shop (It
sounds like it), it started out many years ago near the landfill/local tip
and sold stuff that could be reused.


Obviously there's other shops like salvation army store, hospice shop, some
other businesses that sell stuff for reuse (eg used doors, carpets etc).

Anyway that's it for now.

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