[LCA2015-Chat] changes to registration

Sven Dowideit SvenDowideit at home.org.au
Thu Dec 4 16:08:49 EST 2014

The core problem is that there's a deadline for changes in registration

and there's rather substantial (to the payer) amounts of money involved.

So getting no response for most of the working week isn't confidence

That, coupled with it being an RT backed automatic reply - that's always
a brilliant way to make users worry.

I'll take this flood of 'don't worry, someone will deal with it' emails
as at least some confirmation that someone's going to sort out the money
we might be using for Christmas?


On 04/12/14 14:58, Paul Del wrote:
> Hey Sven
> The papers job is a pretty big task in itself. I know when we run it
> this year it their was a lot of people to contact after.
> I believe and don't quote me the mini conf proposals could be handled
> separately to the actual main talk submissions.
> As you can appreciate their is many things and people to organise for
> LCA2015, but I have cc'd in the person in charge of miniconfs
> so I am sure they will response shortly.
> Any further questions you want to
> contact miniconfs at lca2015.linux.org.au
> <mailto:miniconfs at lca2015.linux.org.au>
> I can a sure you, your money doesn't go into a black hole(And is also
> over seen by the treasurer and present at Linux Australia
> As far as your registration, they can adjust this so changing that
> won't be a problem. I'm sure they will do that soon.
> Any further questions about email these guys directly
> contact at lca2015.linux.org.au <mailto:contact at lca2015.linux.org.au>
> accept my apology on their behalf, I am sure the team is quite busy
> doing the final touches for LCA2015 ;-)
> Cheers Paul, LCA2014 Team
> On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 11:26 AM, Sven Dowideit
> <SvenDowideit at home.org.au <mailto:SvenDowideit at home.org.au>> wrote:
>     Heya,
>     I've sent a request to change my registration to
>     contact at lca2015.linux.org.au <mailto:contact at lca2015.linux.org.au>
>     before the 1st of December (I need to
>     cancel my partner and 2 kids tickets), and received an automated
>     RT ticket.
>     but I have not been contacted since.
>     I'm also bothered by a lack of response to the miniconf proposals I
>     submitted.
>     Can someone please confirm that my money isn't going into a black hole
>     please?
>     Sven
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