[LCA2015-Chat] Parking options for those driving from out of town

Michael Schmitz m.schmitz at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Dec 16 07:56:12 EST 2014


We live in a similar no-exit with ample road side parking - 20 minutes 
by bus to the venue. I'd be happy to check on delegates' cars parked 
there - probably best to work something out by PM if anyone's interested.



> Hi Ewen,
> Normally at this time of year Auckland will be pretty quiet (most come
> back on the 20th)  and I would have thought student parking wouldn't be
> a problem. It might also be possible to arrange for a weekly rate.
> We live 6km from the venue and my son and I will be using the bus -
> about $3.00 each way.
> Also our particular street is no exit, pretty secure and mainly empty
> during the day (although several commuters park at the bottom each day
> and take the bus) so that would be another option if anyone wants to
> take it up. (I could check everything was ok each day as well if I knew
> which belonged to LCA attendees.)
> Athol
> On 13/11/2014 3:37 p.m., Mark Foster wrote:
> >/  Hi Ewen,
> />/
> />/  The majority of the parking options in Auckland CBD will be daily-rate
> />/  as the vast majority of people using the car parks, are daily
> />/  commuters.  This is what the answers on the Wiki etc are clearly
> />/  geared towards.
> />/
> />/  If you have a friend in Auckland who has some space that your car can
> />/  occupy for the time you're in Auckland, this will most certainly be
> />/  the cheapest option.
> />/
> />/  If you do wind up researching alternatives and finding some good
> />/  answers, feel free to update the Wiki. :-) However I will flag this as
> />/  an item for attention by the org team and see if we can apply some
> />/  local knowledge to assist.
> />/  Off the top of my head, I don't know of any reasonably priced options
> />/  that'd meet your needs and are also reasonably handy.
> />/
> />/  Regards
> />/  Mark.
> />/
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