[LCA2015-Chat] LCA 2015 and twitter

Tim Serong tserong at suse.com
Tue Dec 16 20:33:45 EST 2014

On 12/16/2014 07:44 PM, Russell Coker wrote:
> Would the LCA organisers change their hash tag just based on the request of another organization? I'm guessing that they wouldn't and that others would think the same way. Even if the porn conference changed their hashtag there would probably be enough spillover to make it unsuitable (even if 1% of matching tweets were about porn it would be too many).
> Perhaps it would be good to base the tag around city and country names. A search for #LCAAuckNZ gives zero results and it seems very unlikely to be used by someone else in the near future. 

Hashtags are anarchic beasts, and tend to act in deeply bizarre fashions
when anyone attempts to organize or mandate them.  Personally I'll be
continuing to use #lca2015, largely because I can remember how to spell
it ;)


Tim Serong
Senior Clustering Engineer
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