[LCA2015-Chat] LCA 2015 and twitter

Joe Brockmeier jzb at redhat.com
Wed Dec 17 12:40:31 EST 2014

On 12/16/2014 06:39 PM, Tim Serong wrote:
>>>>> >>>> On 12/16/2014 04:09 AM, Sven Dowideit wrote:
>>>>>>> >>>>>> Why exactly can't the linux.conf.au always use
>>>>>>> >>>>>> #linuxconfau?
>>>>> >>>> 
>>>>> >>>> Aside from the fact it's way too long?
>>>>> >>>> 
>>>>> >>>> We only get 140 characters, add in a @name for saying
>>>>> >>>> something about a speaker, you're already down to ~130 or
>>>>> >>>> so... eating up another 12 for a hashtag kinda hurts.
>>>>> >>>> 
>>>>> >>>> 
>>>>> >>>> 
>>> >> #lxconau is the same length as #lca2015 #lxconf is even shorter
>>> >> 
>>> >> I haven't checked any of these for clashes.
>>> >> 
>>> >> For that matter, are #lca or #lca15 free?
>> > 
>> > I checked #lca15, it's not. #lxconf is free. So is #lxconau.
> TBH I don't see the sense in changing it.  Ignoring the fact that
> people will tweet with whatever tags they see fit, IMO to be
> worthwhile, hashtags need to either resonate with people[1], or be
> obvious (or both).  The #lcaYYYY form has been in use in previous
> years and has obviousness, and if the organisers *do* ultimately
> request we use a different hashtag, it's too late - plenty of #lca2015
> tweets already out there in the wild.  If people are worried about
> collisions with other events, we just have to make sure we're louder ;)

Generally people will use the hashtags that they're reminded of during
housekeeping notes. (I am assuming that the organizers will be plugging
some hashtag and encouraging people to tweet about the conference.)

Yes, there are #lca2015 tweets already - but that's a trickle compared
to the stream that will happen during the event. At least to my mind,
the importance of the hashtag is for people to follow the social media
stream *during the event* and so it really won't matter a lot if they
"miss" a tweet from November about the CfP for this or that miniconf



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