[LCA2015-Chat] Ingress bof ? meetup? competition?

Daniel Sobey dns at dns.id.au
Fri Dec 19 21:47:03 EST 2014

Hi List,

I'd like to organise a meet up of people that play ingress (and not the
Ingress is a mobiile phone, gps game where two sides fight over 'portals' -
points on a map for things like statues and control area for thair team.

I've created https://linux.conf.au/wiki/ingress to collect ideas.
My preference is to do something just before or just after the conference
ie on registration Sunday or after the conference on the friday or saturday
after the conference.

We could also have a competition going during the conference.
We could submit screenshots of our status page and see who can gain the
most points over the week.
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