[LCA2015-Chat] speaker feature recap - December 17-19 2014

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Sun Dec 21 11:38:23 EST 2014

To all of our delegates,

in case you have missed our Speaker Feature this week, here is the run-down:

Wednesday 17th December

Jonathan Corbet, Josh Berkus, Mark McClain

Thursday 18th December

Brenda Wallace, David Airlie, Dirk Hohndel

Friday 19th December

Andrew Tridgell, Daniel Vetter, Zane Gilmore

Of course, we have been running our speaker feature for a few weeks now.
Here are the speakers who we have featured so far:

Thursday 16th October - Himangi Saraogi, John Dickinson

Friday 17th October - Pavel Emelyanov, Alisdair Allan

Monday 20th October - Michael Cardover, Laura Bell

Tuesday 21st October - Denise Paolucci, Gernot Heiser

Thursday 23rd October - Audrey Lobo-Pulo, Jack Moffitt

Monday 27th October - Lana Brindley & Alexandra Settle, Olivier Bilodeau

Tuesday 28th October - Lillian Grace, David Rowe

Wednesday 29th October - Christoph Lameter, Brandon Philips

Thursday 30th October - Meg Howie, Joshua Hesketh

Wednesday 5th November - Rafael Wysocki, Stewart Smith

Thursday 6th November - Timothy Jones, Tom Clark

Monday 10th November - Selena Deckelmann, Thomas Sprinkmeier

Tuesday 11th November - Fraser Tweedale, Peter Chubb

Wednesday 12th November - Deb Nicholson, Julian Simpson

Thursday 13th November- Leslie Hawthorn, Richard Jones

Monday 17th November - Paul Foxworthy, Keith Packard

Tuesday 18th November - Marc Merlin, Jussi Pakkanen

Wednesday 19th November - Katie McLaughlin, Andrew Bartlett

Thursday 20th November - Andrew McDonnell, Jim Cheetham

Wednesday 26th November - Donna Benjamin, Dave Chinner, Paul Mackerras

Thursday 27th November - Jeremy Kerr, Paul McKenney, Michael Kerrisk

Monday 1st December - Karen Sandler, Marco Ostini, Joel Stanley

Tuesday 2nd December - Mark Smith, Roan Kattouw, Mike Tarantino

Wednesday 3rd December - Michael Homer, Andrew Cowie, Beau Johnson

   You can go to http://linux.conf.au/media/news to get the information on
all of your wonderful speakers and their presentations!


The LCA 2015 Team

linux.conf.au is one of the foremost open source conferences in the world
and is considered the most prestigious in the Southern Hemisphere. The
conference is well-known for the speakers' and delegates' depth of talent
and its focus on technical linux content.

LCA 2015 will be held in Auckland, New Zealand from Monday 12 to Friday 16
January 2015. Registrations are now open.

http://www.linux.conf.au   #BeAwesome
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