[LCA2015-Chat] For the runners coming to lca2015

Lin Nah lin.nah at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 15:35:33 EST 2014

For the avid runners (No I don't run but know people who run and thus hear
of these things).
AND wish to do more than the running BoF and meet other running locals.

a.  24th Annual Wharf2Wharf fun run at Waiheke Island on 17 Jan 2015
Courses are 25k, 13K, 12K and 5K.
Website: http://wharf2wharf.co.nz/

There's a special ferry run from CBD to the Island in time for the start of
the race.  Read the fine print etc. The ferry terminal is within walking
distance from conference venue.
Auckland Ferry Terminal on the map

b. YMCA Marathon running club.  http://www.ymcamarathon.org.nz/
Runners: Every Sunday from 7am. Get there by 6:45am for the 7am start.
According to the website the walkers don't start till 26 Jan.

Starts from the YMCA gym at the corner of Pitt St + Greys Ave. Map on the
website or https://plus.google.com/100792633212715020109/about?hl=en
There's a YMCA hostel nearby.

Check the website for for more details. You run at the pace you're
comfortable with. Fastest pace is sub 4:30/km down to 7:00/km pace.
Distance is 21 - 33kms depending on who sets the route that day.

I checked with one of the club members. It is still free to join in for 2 -
3 times before they start asking you to consider joining the club. If you
bring a bag with a change of clothes + towel, you can use the showers after
the run (or my friend runs home to get his shower there).

c. Domain 10k run
Auckland Domain is almost next door to the conference venue.

10km, 6km, 3km for runners & walkers. Every Thursday during the summer
daylight saving period:

Series 2: Thursday 15 January 2015 to Thursday 02 April 2015
Walkers start at 5:30 PM, runners start at 6:00 PM

Auckland Domain:
The Band rotunda is where the map is marked for Auckland Domain when I view
the map from the google+ page.

d. Parkrun At Cornwall Park
Free 5km run every Sat morning starting at 8am
The Band Rotunda is close to the Green Lane Rd W entrance.
http://www.cornwallpark.co.nz/flash/map.html + click on Band Rotunda to see
where it is.

Site with running events in NZ http://www.coolrunning.co.nz/

There's 2 other running clubs leave from somewhere in Auckland CBD that I
found but am not sure if they are still going or will be going in Jan.
Nike Run Club http://www.nike.designsbyzac.com/home/runClub
Les Mills Run Club http://www.lesmills.co.nz/clubs/aucklandcity/run-club/
Either you inquire yourselves if interested OR email me if you need someone
to ring up to ask.
Also calendar for Auckland Hash Hound harriers isn't up yet for Jan. Their

YMCA + Park Run seems to go rain or shine.
Park Run on Christmas Day or NY Day?
http://www.parkrun.co.nz/christmas-compendium/ will tell you if they're

Have fun

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