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Mark Foster mark.foster at lca2015.linux.org.au
Wed Dec 24 08:07:35 EST 2014

Another vote for Surplustronics, definately worth looking at. Jaycar 
aren't bad, but (dare I say it) they're a lot more like DSE used to be, 
than they used to be.

Note their address is 520 Queen St; not 'Upper Queen St' which is on the 
other side of Karangahape Rd.  It's probably a 20 minute walk to the 
venue from there.

(DSE themselves are a joke these days, in case anyone was wondering; I 
say this as a former employee...)


On 24/12/2014 9:54 a.m., Joshua Mesilane wrote:
> Cheers for that I'll look them up and see if they've got what I'm 
> looking for.
> ----
> 0416 039 082
> http://www.zindello.com.au/
> josh at zindello.com.au <mailto:josh at zindello.com.au>
> On 24 Dec 2014, at 04:12, David Go <davidgo at ipayroll.co.nz 
> <mailto:davidgo at ipayroll.co.nz>> wrote:
>> I see lots of mention of Jaycar flying around, but for those 
>> cheapskates among us, Surplustronics on Upper Queen Street is both 
>> closer and cheaper - and despite the name they carry mainly new stuff 
>> now.    Although I imagine they don't have quite the range of stuff 
>> that Jaycar carry, for soldering irons and cables they are probably a 
>> better choice - which is not to say this kind of gear is cheap in NZ.
>> (I've no particular affiliation to them, save that they are 
>> convenient to where I work, which is close to Uni)
>> Cheers,
>> David

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