[LCA2015-Chat] Schedule for Multimedia and Music miniconf

Jonathan Woithe jwoithe at atrad.com.au
Wed Dec 24 10:55:28 EST 2014

Hi everyone

We are pleased to announce that the draft schedule for the Multimedia and
Music miniconf is now up both on the LCA site and the miniconf site at


The miniconf will be held on Monday 12 January - the first day of LCA2015.

10:40-12:20: Morning session
  10:40  Disentangle a new fangled image mangler (Katie McLaughlin)
  11:05  Learning to sight read with PHP and LilyPond (Ben Savage)
  11:30  MediaGoblin: The Decentralized Hosting Service for Artists (Deb
  11:55  Codec 2 at very low bit rates (David Rowe)

13:20-15:00: Gstreamer session
  13:20  State of the GStreamer project (Jan Schmidt)
  14:10  Writing custom Gstreamer plugins for art and science (Douglas

15:40-17:20: afternoon session
  15:40  VLC mobile ports and Mobile Multimedia
         (Jean-Baptiste Kempf)
  16:05  VLC Audio/Video output and pipeline architecture
         (Rémi Denis-Courmont)
  16:30  Demo/Jam session and lightning talks
  17:20  Miniconf close

We are still keen to hear from people who wish to demo their work, perform
music or present a lightning talk.  All this will happen in the "Demo/Jam
session and lightning talks" slot starting at or around 16:30.  Please get
in contact wih us if you're interested or would like more information.

  Joanthan Woithe and Silvia Pfeiffer
  LCA2015 Multimedia and Music miniconf organisers)

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