[LCA2015-Chat] Wikipedia / Wikimedia meetup in Auckland

Lin Nah lin.nah at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 20:59:10 EST 2014

HI all

On last day of lca2014 in Perth I remembered saying I'd organise a
wikipedia meetup in Auckland. It is now 20 days to lca and I haven't
created the meetup page yet. Anyway doing it now.

Anyway if you are a wikipedian or from wikimedia and are interested in the
meetup, please add your name to the list

We did have a meetup at lca2010 where 4 people attended

If you wish to attend but can't on the dates given, append a note on which
evenings you're free or email me.  I am avoiding evenings or lunches
because of all the other events and BoFs going on during the week.
No venue as yet. It will be somewhere in the CBD.

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