[Chat] Parking options for those driving from out of town

Ewen McNeill lca at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Thu Nov 13 12:42:18 EST 2014

I'm trying to decide between driving to LCA2015 and flying to LCA2015 
(then flying home, and driving back to another conference half way in 
between home and Auckland...).  One of the things I'm trying to figure 
out is what parking options I might have for whole-week parking while at 
LCA2015 (I don't expect to need the car much while at LCA, but will need 
it before/after :-) ).

The LCA2015 Wiki Transport page (https://linux.conf.au/wiki/Transport) 
page is pretty light on detail about parking options; it just says:

-=- cut here -=-
Parking at venue

Lots! See Faq.
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without even a link.  I'm guessing it means this FAQ:


which says only:

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What parking options are there at the Venue?

The building we are using at the University of Auckland (OGGB) has a 5 
level 1000 park carpark in the basement. General parking rates apply.
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That is useful information if you're driving to the conference for the 
day and driving home at night.  But it does not seem as useful if you 
want to leave your car there all week -- because it links to the 
University of Auckland Owen Glenn Building page which looks like a daily 


and it's also $30/day (daytime; so around $240 for a week, at a guess -- 
a significant portion of the cost of flying return).

Are there any options for people driving to the conference and staying 
the week?  In case it helps, I'm staying at the Carlaw Park Student 
  Their fact sheet 
implies that they do have some student parking available, but it's not 
clear if that's available to LCA2015 attendees.

Or is my best option, if I drive, to find a friend living on the 
outskirts of Auckland and leave my car with them for the week?  It's not 
especially convenient, but cheaper than $200+ in parking and/or having 
my car towed.


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