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HI all

a. Medication
If you have prescription medication you need to bring with you, you need to
declare it in your passenger arrival card and do the following:

Personal imports (accompanying a traveller)

If you arrive in New Zealand carrying prescription medicine on your person
or in your luggage you may only bring it in if you:

   - Declare the medicine on your Passenger Arrival Card
   - Have a copy of the medicine’s prescription or a letter from your
   doctor stating that you are being treated with the medicine.
   - Have the medicine in its original pharmacy container, with your name
   on the label, and strength and dosage details clearly stated.
   - Have no more than three months supply (oral contraceptives, where a
   six month supply is permitted, are the exception).

I had a letter with me along with my prescriptions and had no problems
getting into in Dec 2013 Perth or back to Auckland in Jan 2014.

Someone told me they have a new joint (knee or hip?) that would set off the
machines when they walk through. So they have a card/letter from the doctor
when they travel. I think Australians are given a credit card sized card
from the surgeon stating they have joint replacement.

b. Biosecurity + customs
Similar to Australia there's strict biosecurity rules. It is quite
stringent and include things like
* declaring all food, plant, animals and products made from those etc
* need to scrub mud/dirt off your shoes, tramping boots, bicycle, golf
clubs, recreation, hunting and sporting equipment.

Rather than try to list them all, here's the pages you need to read. Please
take it seriously. You may end up being fined if you breach these or at
best they charge you for cleaning, disposing or treating the items you wish
to bring in.

* Quarantine procedures
* Items to declare:
* Prohibited imports
* Prohibited exports
* NZ Customs Service's FAQ

Safe travels

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