[LCA2015-Chat] Important: NZ Biosecurity + prohibited items

Sharif Olorin sio at tesser.org
Tue Jan 6 10:01:34 EST 2015

Excerpts from Stewart Smith's message of 2015-01-06 08:27:22 +1100:
> FWIW I've never had a problem going into NZ (and honestly, working out
> what is and isn't over the counter/prescription medication in
> $random_country_you_are_visiting_this_week is pretty tricky). I'd worry
> more if it's meds that can have recreational use, but odds are in a
> prescription bottle should be fine (I'm sure they're used to people
> bringing them in, and if you have a minimal amount it's a lot different
> than if you're bringing in 6 months supply for a 1 week trip).

I also didn't realise this would be necessary until too late to get
my prescribing doctor's letter. I'm considering it'll probably be
worth the risk of confiscation to bring in a class B controlled drug
(prescription bottle with my name on it) assuming I'm not going to get
arrested for it or the like. I'll let y'all know how it goes.


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