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Mark Smith Mark.Smith at emulex.com
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Just throwing this out there.

I'm a big fan of seeing a new town from the air.  When visiting, I will generally include a chopper ride or some sort of flight around town.  Perhaps I just like aviation a bit too much, but there are many vendors out there who would be willing to take the money from a tourist wanting to do the same.  I can't recommend any organization over another, but I'm sure Google can help you.

On the flip side, there are numerous options for sightseeing from a boat in the Auckland harbour area.

Rangitoto Island is only a quick boat ride and is the area's newest volcano.  Bring sturdy shoes.  It's connected via the tiniest spits of land to Motutapu Island.  A little bit further out is Waiheke Island. Lots of vineyards and opportunities for some fantastic eating. There's even some bouldering on the east side if you're into that.

Lots of other volcanos in the area too.  If you're keen, get up one and look in.  Some have important cultural significance like One Tree Hill.

Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium is really cool especially if you like penguins, hint, hint, hint.

There's a bungy jump under the Auckland bridge that is kinda fun.  Likewise, you can jump off the Skytower using an assisted descent device.  Or if leaving the tower is no good, you can take a guided tour around the outside near the top of the it.

If you're car capable, take a trip out to Piha beach.  Awesome area.  Go walk around and experience it. You'll need to walk way to the left to see the best stuff.  Waves crashing on the rocks, caves, tunnels, hills, there's nothing there that isn't fantastic.  On the way there, you'll need to go through Waitakere Range.  If you like hiking, take a walk there too.

Sadly, not too much climbing in the area though there are gyms and there is always the Mt Eden Quarry which I have yet to visit.

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