[LCA2015-Chat] OpenRadio Miniconf Requirements, Program and Lightning talks

Mark Jessop vk5qi at rfhead.net
Thu Jan 8 09:23:36 EST 2015

Surplustronics in NZ do stock USB sound cards.

I'll let Josh Mesilane link the card that he found, as I'm on my phone
right now.

We didn't include a USB audio codec on the board, as it would have easily
added $20 or so to the price in the quantities we were looking at.

- Mark

I'll be bringing along a Behringer dac (bought after I saw it mentioned
here last year: http://openradio.net.au/index.php/Sound_Cards) :

So once you get to the "Does it work?" stage, you're welcome to borrow it
from me.


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