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Anthony Towns aj at erisian.com.au
Thu Jan 8 12:37:03 EST 2015

Hey all,

For some years now I've thought there should be some sort of android app
that lets you figure out which talks you want to go to and stuff like that.
I couldn't find an easy open source way of doing that (I can't program
android apps to save my life, and I couldn't find anything open source that
was similar; I tried just using google calendar directly, but that seemed
to suck IMNSHO), but there's a few SaaS-style things that do stuff like
that, and one of them lets you set up a thing for free. So I did that,
imported the ical file, and tried it; I kinda like it.

URL is http://guidebook.com/g/nzqw3xiy/

It seems to work okay on Android, and is supposed to work on iPhone fwiw. I
put in a map, some twitter and youtube bits, and a couple of graphics as
well as the schedule, so it's not /totally/ bare. I only did the free/demo
version, so it'll presumably stop working once 200 people download it. Or,
well, 199 now...

(The Guidebook site/app seems pretty great to me, except that it's not open
source. It'd be $1750 (or more) per conference to allow unlimited
downloads, though. That's only $3 or $4 per attendee though... If the conf
organisers want to add to it or make it official, apparently I can add
co-admins or something)

Anyway, I think I'll find it useful so maybe others will too. If someone
who /can/ program android/iphone apps to save their life wants to see about
doing a similar thing but GPLed, that'd be cool too...


Anthony Towns <aj at erisian.com.au>
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