[LCA2015-Chat] Shuttle bus from AKL to Uni Halls and Carlaw Park on 11th January after 1600

Mark Ellem mark at colmiga.org
Fri Jan 9 20:38:44 EST 2015


My flight (QF123) comes into AKL at 15:10 on Sunday, 11th of January. I
noticed there are a few ppl on it plus on VA148 and VA144 (15:25 and
15:30 respectively).

I was thinking of booking a shuttle bus for some time between 1600-1630.
The cost will be from around NZD50 to NZD75 total, split between all
passengers, (depending on the number of people we get) for the trip and
it will be faster than the AirBus.

It would be good to get at least 5 people but we can go up to 11. If any
of you are are interested in sharing a ride, let me know off-list. I
intend to make the booking tomorrow afternoon.

Mark Ellem

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