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Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
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Kia ora

If you are staying at Uni Halls, you might want this information they have
provided below:

> University Hall reception is located on the ground floor behind the glass
> windows.
> Reception hours are from 8.00am – 8.00pm daily.
> If you arrive after hours/weekend, please phone the duty phone and our
> duty staff will be available to assist.
> o 0800 36 63 84 (NZ mobiles) or
> o +64 27 676 4862 (International mobiles)
> Do not press the red buzzer outside office hours, as it can only be
> responded to within normal reception hours. Please call the duty phone –
> see number above.
> Check-in time is 2.00pm and checkout is 10am daily.

If you put your flight details in
https://linux.conf.au/wiki/Arrivals_Departures then your estimated arrival
time is known to Uni Halls so the duty person will be expecting your phone

> There is limited parking at University Hall, so if you require a car park,
> please ensure you pre-book. There is a daily charge of $5.00 per day or $30
> per week.
> All vehicles must be registered at reception.
> Please enquire at reception if you require parking for more than one week.
> Parking alongside the footpath directly outside University Hall is 5
> minute parking only and is enforced by Auckland Council Monday to Friday
> and often at night. Tickets will be issued if 5 minutes is exceeded
> ($65.00) or your vehicle is parked the wrong way ($40.00 for vehicle facing
> downhill)
> Alternative parking is available in nearby Wilson’s or Tournament car park
> buildings
> located on Wakefield Street, Airedale Street or at the top of Whitaker
> Place. Parking maps are available at reception.
> Please ensure you are aware of the daily charges at carpark buildings as
> they vary. Early bird rates ($13-$15 per day apply at most car park
> buildings before 9 or 10am, after this casual rates of $3-5 are per half
> hour. Night rates range from $7.50 and apply from 5pm.
> University parking is available in the Owen Glenn building on Grafton
> Road. All other university parks are reserved spaces and you may be towed
> or clamped if you park in these spaces during weekdays.
> The casual parking rate on inner city streets ranges from $2-4.00 per hour
> between 8am – 6pm during the week.
> Please note, if you visit Auckland during major festivals, concerts and
> events, most central city car park buildings will charge an event parking
> rate of $15 - $25 during the day/evening.

Nāku noa, nā Tabitha
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