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List created by @kyhwana on twitter for me back in late August.
He knows his beer. Vultures lane is on twitter and tweets what they have on
tap etc.

If you're on twitter, @SOBA_Auckland retweets tweets from some of the other
beer place. SOBA = Society of Beer Advocates

For good craft beer pubs/bars theres:
Sky Sports Grill http://www.skysportgrill.tv/  95-99 Customs St W, Auckland
Vultures Lane http://vultureslane.co.nz/ Down Vulcan Lane.
https://twitter.com/VulturesLane says what they have on tap
Brew on Quay http://www.brewonquay.co.nz/ 102 Quay Street
Brothers Beer NZ  http://brothersbeer.co.nz/ City Works Depot, Shed 3D
Entrances from 77 Cook St and 90 Wellesley St West
My Bar http://mybar.net.nz/ 12 Durham Street East in the Auckland CBD
(I havn't tried it, but they have good NZ craft beer apparently)

In Grafton/Newmarket theres:
Galbraiths http://www.alehouse.co.nz/ 2 Mt Eden Rd, Grafton, Auckland
The Lumsdun http://thelumsden.co.nz/ 444-448 Kyber Pass Road, Newmarket

If you want to get out of the City, there's Hallertau (pub/restaurant)
http://www.hallertau.co.nz/ 1171 Coatesville Riverhead Hwy, Riverhead,
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