[LCA2015-Chat] Ingress bof

Daniel Sobey dns at dns.id.au
Mon Jan 12 07:41:12 EST 2015

Hi List,

I would like to finalize my plans for the ingress bof (game not rdbms).

My current plan is to first meet at Albert Park, do the mission there if
anyone needs it and then go and find food.

First we need to work out what time we are going to go out.
is anyone a speaker?  The speakers dinner is on tuesday night so we would
try and avoid that if anyone cannot attend becase of it.
Is there anyone attending BOF sessions tonight?
I  will be at the CA Cert bof but that should hopefully finish early.

So the current plan is to meet Albert park at around 19:30 tonight, walk
around the park to complete the mission there and then go for food.
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