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HI all

The people at tangleball do confirm that you're welcome to visit. there's a
regular meeting on Tuesday evening or Wednesday evening when they have a
social evening.

If one of you is on twitter, be the "organiser" for this BoF. Tweet
@tangleball and get this going.

Tangleball, 27 Edinburgh St, Newton, Auckland,

Meetup http://www.meetup.com/Tangleball/events/219390811/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tangleball

What they said:
"A few have popped in already, including at the regular #*MondayMakerNight*
<https://twitter.com/hashtag/MondayMakerNight?src=hash> just now. More LCA
visitors are welcome."

"Place will be open all evening. Group meeting open to all, participation
welcome. Just easier to socialise before/after. "

How many are interested in visiting? Could arrange a tour guide. Also, if
Wed is better, maybe open for a social evening?

It is not a big space so it won't fit 300 of you. So whoever organises this
should check out how many they can fit in and still be a nice cosy visit.

Please note: It would be wrong not to warn you about the area since you are
tourists and I am a local.
I would not walk around that area on my own at night. This area is probably
known to have street prostitutes hanging around. On that side  The NZ
Prostitutes Collective's Auckland office used to be nearby. It appears to
have moved a couple of blocks closer to queen st.. It is also the area
where one long standing pacific island church calls home.

 So please careful when you walk there. I would go as a group and leave as
a group.

There's also a makerspace at the local library. It is in the central
library building that is at the corner of Queen + wellesley St. I've just
reached out to one of the organisers. There's a volunteer or two at lca2015
who know auckland makerspaces better than I do.


On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 9:09 AM, Patrick Barnes <
patrick.barnes at mindbleach.com> wrote:

> For those interested in hardware, hacking in the creative sense, etc, or
> are members of a hackerspace back at home; there's a hackerspace in
> Auckland called Tangleball.
> http://www.tangleball.org.nz
> They aren't far from campus and they welcome visitors - and they've given
> me permission to mention them here - so you are welcome to drop by during
> their open hours.
> -Patrick
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