[LCA2015-Chat] [LCA2015-Announce] WiFi Debian wpa_supplicant via if-up /etc/interfaces

Andrew Buckeridge andrewb at zagam.net
Tue Jan 13 18:57:57 EST 2015

As it is a shared secret it is not a secret so evil twin is possible, but you
pre-installed all your certs and keys before the trip so you know to reject
any changes. I expect that you use TLS for any thing using those details.

Merging conference rego details in to RADIUS would be better. 

    wpa-ssid LCA2015
    wpa-proto RSN
    wpa-key-mgmt WPA-EAP
    wpa-identity lca2015
    wpa-password *******akl
    wpa-eap PEAP
    wpa-pase2 auth=MSCHAPV2

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