[LCA2015-Chat] Need help with luggage storage in Auckland for 2 weeks

Marc MERLIN marc at merlins.org
Wed Jan 14 05:58:43 EST 2015

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TL;DR: if you are an Auckland local and could help me store a piece
of luggage and deliver it to the airport when I'm flying home, I'd
be happy to pay you for your time (luggage storage at the airport is
apparently stupidly expensive when you need several weeks)

I'll have a full size piece of luggage I won't need from Jan 23rd
to Feb 11th, and will need to get in the Auckland airport to pick up as
I fly back from Queenstown -> AKL -> San Francisco.
I'll be going from the domestic airport to international on the way
back, so getting my luggage anywhere between the 2 would work (I just
won't have time to go to Auckland city center to go pick it up).

I could give it to a company/person on Jan 23rd in Auckland (ideally
around the sky city bus around noon) and I need to have it back on Feb
11th around 17:00 somewhere around the Auckland airport.

The easy thing would of course be to drive to the airport on the 23rd
and check it in with a luggage storage company there, but they want
$15/day for that (around $200 total after discount).

I can't quite ship the luggage home for that price (it's heavy diving
gear), but is there some other way I can not pay that much to avoid
carrying that heavy luggage around new zealand when I won't need it
until my flight home?

If you don't know another/better service, but you're a local, I could
pay you for your time helping with this.
If so, tell me if you'll be available for sure on Jan 23rd and Feb 11th
and how much this would be worth to you :)

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