[LCA2015-Chat] Lunch time BoFs

Lin Nah lin.nah at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 09:46:21 EST 2015

For those who wish to have a lunch time BoF in one of the rooms talk is

* I've put up a timetable in the lunch time BoFs section.
* BoFs allocated to rooms were already listed when I started the timetable.
* If anyone wishes to start a lunch time bof and doesn't want to do one
while eating at a cafe/restaurant/food court, and wishes to use OGGB4, Case
Rm 2 + 3, please add your BoF to the list.

* You can't start your bof till 12;30pm. it gives 10 minutes for ppl from
other rooms to arrive AND 10 ppl from the talk before lunch to vacate the
*  You must finish at 1pm.
* This will enable BoF attendees to grab some food + drink + recharge
before afternoon talk. Perhaps go grab food together if you wish to keep
* It also means lca2015 volunteers can set up for next session.


lca2015 volunteer
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