[LCA2015-Chat] For Attendees with Special dietary requirements

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Jan 14 11:54:47 EST 2015

Lin Nah <lin.nah at gmail.com> writes:
> If you have indicate a special dietary requirement they are plated, covered
> and labeled with your name.  This is on a table part of the group of tables
> with food. The table is furtherest away from the rego desk.

Can I just say that at least for me and a bunch of others with dietary
reqs, LCA this year has been awesome. Probably about the best I've seen
(and I've been to a lot of conferences).

I'm usually perfectly happy to steal an apple or something (it turns out
apples are both vegan and delicious) - but the other plates of food that
have been for morning/afternoon tea have been great!

Hats off to organizers and caterers.

(I know things are never 100% perfect, but this is at least 95+%
perfect, which is approximately 90% more perfect than any other
conference I ever go to).

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