[LCA2015-Chat] QML tutorial update

Tomas Marko Miljenović TomasM at tomasm.tk
Wed Jan 14 13:49:54 EST 2015

Following some feedback over the past couple of days, I've adapted tomorrow's QML development tutorial to suit a wider audience.

If you've never written a GUI or mobile application in your life - or have zero coding experience at all - come along, and head to lunch after with a shiny new app on your favourite device. Experienced Qt devs should still find plenty of value in later parts of the session, and are welcome to hack away throughout.

If you're interested, everything you need to know is here:
Don't forget deployment cables! Unless you have a Fruit phone, the microUSB cable from your swag bag (comes with the power pack) should do fine. If you don't have a smartphone, you can run the exact same code on a desktop.

See you all tomorrow
- Tomas

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