[LCA2015-Chat] Astronomy BoF Thursday night

Simon Werner simonwerner at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 14:23:24 EST 2015

I am interested in going to stardome as well, if there is room left.  I can
take my car, I have room for 4 passengers.  I will stay for the whole
show.  I can be outside OGGB at 18:30, am in a white Toyota Prius.

On 15/01/2015 11:01 am, "Jessica Smith" <jessica at itgrrl.com> wrote:

> Hi David,
> On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 10:46 PM, David Go <davidgo at ipayroll.co.nz> wrote:
> I've managed to secure the use of my wifes 7 seater (a bit of a squeeze I
>> suspect - its a Toyota Wish) car, and find a place to park it in town.
>> I'm
>> keen to tag along to the Astronomy BoF and I'd be delighted to take people
>> with me.
>> (The catch is coming back - I am unsure at this stage, but I may need to
>> bail
>> after the Telescope viewing but before the film - not sure yet.
>> Of-course,
>> I'm happy to drop people off anywhere in town or on the North Shore on my
>> way
>> back.
>> Also has anyone called up the Stardome and booked anything ?  I know they
>> have
>> limited seating - not sure how busy it will be on a Thursday night.
> Thanks for the offer of transport, you rock!
> Just to clarify, the planetarium show is first, with telescope viewing
> afterwards. The whole thing runs for about 1.5hrs, but they will stay open
> longer if lots of people are still keen. I expect that the planetarium show
> runs for about 45 - 60mins. If you're leaving directly after the show,
> people who want to leave early could join you, with others returning home
> via bus as planned.
> I called Stardome this morning and checked capacity, and made a booking
> for 15 people. At the moment we have 17 people down on the wiki list, but I
> expect at least a few will bail for various reasons (and that's totally OK,
> of course). I haven't paid any money, and they seem OK with us turning up
> with less than 15 people and not charging us for the extra seats.
> If anyone wants to get in touch with me, my mobile is 021-889-809 or email
>> me
>> (sending a txt is probably best though) - I'd particularly appreciate a
>> call
>> from anyone who my be organizing this, otherwise I'm happy to give a lift
>> there to the first 6 people to respond.
> Consider yourself contacted.   :-)   But I'll text you shortly as well to
> make sure you see this. Perhaps you could bring your car around to the
> front of the OGGB before 6:30pm tonight and we can allocate seats on a
> greatest need/first come basis. I think it's sensible to prioritise anyone
> with mobility needs first. One you're full, the rest of us will bus it. We
> do need to set off walking at 6:30pm, so if you're not there you'll be
> travelling solo.   :-)
> If people who put their name on the wiki but are now not planning to come
> along could update the wiki and remove themselves, that would be great. If
> we end up significantly less planning to come along, I'd like to be able to
> give Stardome a heads-up as a courtesy.
> Cheers,
> Jessica
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