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All I know is shanley started mentioning things on twitter in a reaction to the LCA appearance... However since then it has blown out into another aspect of an article referring to her past as she used to have ideals that go against diversity to say it diplomatically... 


Since then she has started to say that the article happened because she attacked Linus.... Her and her family etc have been doxed and she is blaming the Linux community is as much as I know.... 

From my analogy the istandforlinus is in reaction to her and not LCA thread.... But who ever knows in the ever growing use of hashtags in American propaganda anyways personally staying away from both threads aka shanley and the istandwithlinus as the environment is quite toxic....


> On 19 Jan 2015, at 1:03 pm, Lana Brindley <mail at lanabrindley.com> wrote:
>> On 19/01/15 11:49, Russell Coker wrote:
>> On Mon, 19 Jan 2015, sio at tesser.org wrote:
>>>> Now inspired by the #lca2015 discussion there's a #IStandWithLinus
>>>> discussion which has more than a bit of overlap with #GamerGate.
>>> I wish I'd had the foresight to not open that. -shudder-
>> One thing that's interesting to note is that "gamers" are saying things like
>> "Bloggers who have produced NOTHING feel qualified to criticize the open
>> source community?".  I really doubt that the GamerGate community includes a
>> single person who has made any contribution to Linux comparable to Matthew
>> Garrett.
>> A significant portion of #IStandWithLinus is about attacking Shanley.  I think
>> it's noteworthy that they spend more effort attacking a woman than actually
>> doing what they claim to be doing and defending Linus.
> I'm trying to work out if the #istandwithlinus hashtag grew out of his appearance at LCA directly, or if it happened indirectly through the arstechnica article. I also can't tell if @shanley was reacting to the LCA appearance, or something else. Anyone got any clues? (hoping to grow a blog post out of this, if I discover I have something important to say about it).
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