[LCA2015-Chat] Pohutukawa aka NZ Christmas tree - those trees with red flowers

Lin Nah lin.nah at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 21:47:59 AEDT 2015

Those of you following us on social media may have heard of this. However
for those who have been in NZ and wonder about those trees with red flowers
or those trees with a shower of red stamens covering the ground around it...

Pohutukawa is a tree that flowers around Christmas time. Hence it is also
known as the NZ Christmas Tree. They were flowering around early Dec 2014
and some trees are still covered with red while you are in Auckland in Jan


Peak Pohutukawa is a collection of photos put on the web on 30 Dec 2014
with people being asked to contribute their pics in the comments



ps if you're the person (sorry I don't recall who) who asked about a purple
flowering tree, I suggest you tweet "what is this" #auckland and where you
took the pic. someone may be able to reply. Otherwise email me the pic and
I'll ask for you
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