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Sounds like you all had fun at Tangleball on Tuesday evening

Pic w comment "#*LCA2015* <https://twitter.com/hashtag/LCA2015?src=hash>
has arrived. Welcome! "

I asked how it went and was told
"Yep, at least 4x Sal's pizzas' worth on Tuesday. (Plus a half dozen
visitors prior.) Good times!"

I'm sure there's other pics around


On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 1:54 PM, Alastair D'Silva <alastair at d-silva.org>

> We'll be reconvening after the Makers' BoF at 19:40 (Tuesday) for a 25
> minute walk to Tangleball. I expect the latest we'll be there is 20:20.
> On 13 January 2015 13:09:33 GMT+13:00, Alastair D'Silva <
> alastair at d-silva.org> wrote:
>> Thanks Lin,
>> I've adjusted the spillover for the Makers' BoF to be a walk over to
>> Tangleball.
>> https://linux.conf.au/wiki/Maker_BoF#Spillover_Session
>> No idea yet as to how many are coming.
>> On 13 January 2015 00:03:13 GMT+13:00, Lin Nah <lin.nah at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> HI all
>>> The people at tangleball do confirm that you're welcome to visit.
>>> there's a regular meeting on Tuesday evening or Wednesday evening when they
>>> have a social evening.
>>> If one of you is on twitter, be the "organiser" for this BoF. Tweet
>>> @tangleball and get this going.
>>> Tangleball, 27 Edinburgh St, Newton, Auckland,
>>> Meetup http://www.meetup.com/Tangleball/events/219390811/
>>> Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tangleball
>>> Map
>>> https://www.google.co.nz/maps/place/27+Edinburgh+St,+Auckland,+1010/@-36.8606355,174.7546761,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x6d0d47ea7f9bb529:0x8055117f33c51d09
>>> What they said:
>>> "A few have popped in already, including at the regular #
>>> *MondayMakerNight*
>>> <https://twitter.com/hashtag/MondayMakerNight?src=hash> just now. More
>>> LCA visitors are welcome."
>>> https://twitter.com/tangleball/status/554582712124579840
>>> "Place will be open all evening. Group meeting open to all,
>>> participation welcome. Just easier to socialise before/after. "
>>> https://twitter.com/tangleball/status/554583891567063041
>>> H! ow many are interested in visiting? Could arrange a tour guide. Also,
>>> if Wed is better, maybe open for a social evening?
>>> https://twitter.com/tangleball/status/554590790354096129
>>> It is not a big space so it won't fit 300 of you. So whoever organises
>>> this should check out how many they can fit in and still be a nice cosy
>>> visit.
>>> Please note: It would be wrong not to warn you about the area since you
>>> are tourists and I am a local.
>>> I would not walk around that area on my own at night. This area is
>>> probably known to have street prostitutes hanging around. On that side  The
>>> NZ Prostitutes Collective's Auckland office used to be nearby. It appears
>>> to have moved a couple of blocks closer to queen st.. It is also the area
>>> where one long standing pacific island church calls home.
>>>  So please careful when you walk there. I would go as a group and leav!
>>> e as a group.
>>> Note:
>>> There's also a makerspace at the local library. It is in the central
>>> library building that is at the corner of Queen + wellesley St. I've just
>>> reached out to one of the organisers. There's a volunteer or two at lca2015
>>> who know auckland makerspaces better than I do.
>>> regards
>>> lin
>>> On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 9:09 AM, Patrick Barnes <
>>> patrick.barnes at mindbleach.com> wrote:
>>>> For those interested in hardware, hacking in the creative sense, etc,
>>>> or are members of a hackerspace back at home; there's a hackerspace in
>>>> Auckland called Tangleball.
>>>> http://www.tangleball.org.nz
>>>> They aren't far from campus and they welcome visitors - and they've
>>>> given me permission to mention them here - so you are welcome to drop by
>>>> during their open hours.
>>>> -Patrick
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