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Augur augur at orcon.net.nz
Fri Jan 2 17:35:54 EST 2015

While we're on the subject, can we get an SSL cert organised for
lca2015.linux.org.au please? I keep typing https://lca2015.linux.org.au
and getting an error message, yet http://lca2015.linux.org.au (without
SSL) redirects to https://linux.conf.au (with SSL) quite happily.

> Hi David,
> Moved to chat, hope you're watching this list too.
> Leave off the www. http://lca2015.linux.org.au
> <http://www.lca2015.linux.org.au/> is working. IMHO 'twould be better if
> it
> worked with the www as well, but the organisers might have a few other
> things to do...
> Cheers
> Paul Foxworthy
> On 29 December 2014 at 23:43, linux.conf.au Announcements <
> lca-announce at lists.linux.org.au> wrote:
>> http://www.lca2015.linux.org.au/
>> This webpage is not available
>> The server at www.lca2015.linux.org.au can't be found, because the DNS
>> lookup failed.
>> Cheers
>> David Tangye - http://DavidTangye.info
>> On 27 December 2014 at 11:10, linux.conf.au Announcements <
>> lca-announce at lists.linux.org.au> wrote:
>>> Speakers' dinner at the Floating Pavilion, Tuesday, 13 January from
>>> 6.30pm.
>>> The speakers' dinner is our opportunity to thank all of our wonderful
>>> speakers for their part in making this such a wonderful conference. The
>>> Floating Pavillion, sitting right on Auckland's world-famous Viaduct
>>> Harbour has a wrap-around covered deck from which you can view our
>>> beautiful Auckland sunset while listening to a young local band and
>>> mingling with your fellow speakers.
>>> Penguin Dinner at MOTAT, Wednesday, 14th January from 6pm.
>>> This year the steam-punk themed Penguin dinner will be held at
>>> Auckland’s
>>> MOTAT (Auckland's Museum Of Transport And Technology). With its
>>> traction
>>> engines, Victorian village, trams and trains makes it so easy to
>>> imagine
>>> Jules Verne or HG Wells wandering around creating their stories of
>>> futuristic wonder!
>>> If getting dressed up in Victoriana or Steapmunk is your thing then
>>> this
>>> is the place! We’d love it if you’d like to dress in costume and
>>> show off
>>> your gadgets for the occasion, the more quirky and fantastical the
>>> better!
>>> It adds a certain air to the evening, however it is not mandatory.
>>> MOTAT is a local favourite equipped with great facilities in a unique
>>> location, so we can be sure of a night to remember!
>>> PDNS at Sweat Shop, Thursday, 15 January from 6.30pm.
>>> The PDNS is being held at the newly-renovated Sweat Shop - a micro
>>> brewery with a philosophy around championing its staff - claiming to be
>>> Auckland’s hardest working bar. This destination mega-venue boasts
>>> one of
>>> Auckland’s largest outdoor decks and garden bar that really sings in
>>> the
>>> summer.
>>> For the PDNS LCA 2015 will be taking over the venue for the whole
>>> night,
>>> so we will open the bar to all of our delegates after 8.30pm. UPDNS
>>> welcome!
>>> The LCA 2015 Team
>>> linux.conf.au is one of the foremost open source conferences in the
>>> world and is considered the most prestigious in the Southern
>>> Hemisphere.
>>> The conference is well-known for the speakers' and delegates' depth of
>>> talent and its focus on technical linux content.
>>> LCA 2015 will be held in Auckland, New Zealand from Monday 12 to Friday
>>> 16 January 2015. Registrations are now open.
>>> http://www.lca2015.linux.org.au   #BeAwesome
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