[LCA2015-Chat] Hawaii Shirts

Chris Neugebauer chrisjrn at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 07:23:46 EST 2015

On 4 Jan 2015 2:14 am, "Kye Russell" <me at kye.id.au> wrote:
> It's not like you to require a washing machine to re-wear clothes, Brock.

Oh no. We can't have someone proactively practising personal hygiene at

That would be totally unacceptable.


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> On 03/01/15 23:10, Brock York wrote:
>> I'll be wearing the 2014 shirt flying in, the 2015 shirt on the flight
>> out I hope. I only have one 2014 shirt so unless
>> I find a washing machine I doubt I'll be wearing it to the first keynote.
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