[LCA2015-Chat] Open hardware tutorial

Jonathan Oxer jon at oxer.com.au
Sun Jan 4 22:34:56 EST 2015

Sorry everyone about the delay processing registrations for the Open
Hardware Miniconf.

I've now sent a confirmation email to everyone who has registered for the
SimpleBot build session, so if you haven't received an email yet and were
expecting to be attending please email me directly (jon at oxer.com.au).

Peter, I can confirm you're definitely on the list.

For anyone else who is interested in spending a few hours building a cool
little robot powered by a combination of Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and luck,
there are still some spots left. Run on over to
http://www.openhardwareconf.org/wiki/OHC2015 and see the bottom of the page
for the assembly session info.

On Sun, Jan 4, 2015 at 7:24 AM, Peter Lawler <lca2015-chat at bleeter.id.au>
> I suspect one of the last things LCA organisers (or for that matter NZ's
famed SIS and GCSB) want are roving bands of bored frustrated geeks
carrying soldering irons, cutters and screwdrivers ;)

That's *exactly* what I hope to see happen once the Miniconf is over!



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