[LCA2015-Chat] Open hardware tutorial

Peter Lawler lca2015-chat at bleeter.id.au
Sun Jan 4 07:24:19 EST 2015

On 03/01/15 20:46, Angus Gratton wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 03, 2015 at 10:17:06AM +1100, Kymberly Noronha wrote:
>> How do we know if we made it onto the open hardware list? I need to know if
>> I need to pack a soldering iron or any other tools
> Hi Kym,
> Sorry for the confusion over this. We still have a few places left for
> the assembly project (at this time), so everyone who has registered so
> far is included for the Open Hardware assembly project.

The issue is we don't know if we're registered as, afaict, there's been 
no genuine confirmation (though see end of next para for two possible 
explanations in my situation). I seem to recall I put my name down for 
the OH thing at LCA Registration time, I'm fairly certain I'm all signed 
up for the OpenRadio one because of a convo I've had with Kim. But I 
have no idea what's going on with the OH miniconf (looking at the 
registration form, 
- it seems familiar but I cannot guarantee that's because I filled it in 
on a whisky night or because many google forms begin to look like each 
other after a while)

It'd be absolutely fantastic if the organisers of BOTH OH & OR can 
e-mail those who they see as having registered so we can go out and 
actually get the tools needed. Ideally, this'd involve a crosscheck with 
people who indicated at registration some interest, but who the miniconf 
organisers haven't heard from. I note that Mr Oxer said just before 
Christmas he was doing this all manually[1], so don't get me wrong I do 
appreciate the time and effort involved. I'm even starting to suspect 
that there's a possibility that I was sent email for payment, however 
it's been eaten by greylist. Or that I lost the email to me in my Great 
Inbox 0 Incident of December 26th 2014 (I've just emailed Jon off list 
requesting status info)

tl;dr - I'm going to be somewhat annoyed if I splurge cash on tools, 
bring them over, only to discover I've fallen out of the system somehow 
and there are absolutely no spaces left. I suspect one of the last 
things LCA organisers (or for that matter NZ's famed SIS and GCSB) want 
are roving bands of bored frustrated geeks carrying soldering irons, 
cutters and screwdrivers ;)




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