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Taxi is on a meter. So that is an approximation.  The meter still ticks
when it is stuck in traffic unless you managed to negotiate a flat fee for
the journey.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are at the airport and need to go somewhere, within
the airport area, be aware that it could be very expensive despite the
short distance.

www.taxi.co.nz is a facility run by Air NZ. It is a price comparison
facility that includes airbus, taxi, shuttles and even helicopter. Note
there's a slight surcharge for its use. It even lets you book and pay for
the transport ahead of time. I haven't used it before but I can see how it
is useful.

Shuttles are door to door. The beauty if being an lca conference attendee
is with the arrivals/departure page
http://lca2015.linux.org.au/wiki/Arrivals_Departures on the wiki, or people
wearing previous lca t-shirts when they travel, some of you can combine and
get one shuttle or taxi.

Supershuttle is the most reputable or well know of the shuttle services and
I think they have a contract to be at the airport ranks. If there's more
than one of you, it could be cheaper than $33.
Supershuttle cost for airport - cbd (search on the supershuttle's website
4ppl $59; 5ppl $67; 6ppl $75; 7ppl $84; 8ppl $91; 9ppl $99; 10 $107  11ppl
For 5 ppl it works out cheaper than the airbus and you have a door to door

Other shuttle services I found (via google) + searched the prices below. I
think you need to book with them in order for them to come pick you up.
Note - never used them.
A. Shuttlebus http://www.shuttlebus.co.nz/
>From Airport to CBD:  4 pax 65; 5 pax $70 ;  6 - 11ppl  $85
  6 - 11ppl from CBD to airport $75

B. Express shuttle http://www.expressshuttle.co.nz/
Auckland CBD - Airport one way: 3-4 $60; 5-6 $70; 7- 11ppl $85

C. Air Shuttle  http://www.airshuttle.biz/
airport to CBD 3 - 9 ppl $80
CBD to airport 3 - 9  ppl $65

D. Quick shuttle http://www.quickshuttle.co.nz/airport-terminal/
1 to 2 people - $60 total price
3 to 4 people - $65 total price
5 to 6 people - $75 total price
7 to 11 people - $90 total price

E. Kathy's shuttle http://kathysshuttle.co.nz/
2 ppl from airport to central auckland $45
Her booking page has choices for up to 6 or more. So it is probably a
bigger vehicle than the car on the web page.

hope that helps


On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 5:39 PM, Mark Walkom <mark at walkom.id.au> wrote:

> I noticed that it's ~$80 for a taxi and $35 for a shuttle, each way, which
> is a bit expensive. There is a public bus that is $16 though.
> And last year there was an LCA shuttle from the Airport to the general LCA
> area. Is something planned for this year as well?
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