[LCA2015-Chat] BlueHackers BoF

John Dalton john at johndalton.info
Tue Jan 6 22:08:33 EST 2015

Hi all,

Arjen is unable to make it to LCA this year, so I'm hosting a BlueHackers
BoF on Tuesday night. The BoF schedule is already pretty full, so we're at
19:30 opposite the Emacs BoF.

BlueHackers is an informal organisation of hackers and geeks who discuss
and support each other on the topic of depression and mental illness. This
BoF is an opportunity to meet with and talk freely about the topic of
depression with other affected people. This isn't a therapy group, and is
not a substitute for professional help. However, talking openly about this
topic is one of the most positive and helpful things we can do for each
other. Participation is completely optional and voluntary - you are welcome
to sit up the back and just listen if you prefer.

For details, see the wiki:

Any questions or suggestions, just get in touch!



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