[LCA2015-Chat] Flux, was Flying with soldering irons

Kim Hawtin kim at hawtin.net.au
Wed Jan 7 07:30:44 EST 2015

On 07/01/15 04:32, Bruce Clement wrote:
> Thanks Mike!
> "Gel flux is your friend"
> So, not resin cored solder? -- I know technologgy has moved on in the
> last 30 years, if I'm coming back into a radicaly changed field I want
> to do it right.
> I take it that a copper wick for removing solder is still current
> technology?

For SMD work the flux pens are what we have been using.

Neither Surplustronics or Jaycar seem to stock what we are after, so we 
are aiming to bring one along for the OpenRadio miniconf.

Perhaps there are other electronics stores in Auckland we check?



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