[LCA2015-Chat] Wiki pages for fun stuff, gyms, swimming pools etc

Lin Nah lin.nah at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 14:37:16 EST 2015

Putting these pages out there so

Fun stuff, some are free too include free outdoor movie on Friday evening,
you can build something with white lego blocks at the art Gallery - also
free, and the non fun stuff includes tenpin bowling, indoor paintball etc.
Hope someone adds the jump from sky tower or the reverse bungy

Page on recreation + fitness includes
* Swimming pools in Auckland close to venue that have casual rates
* Gyms that have casual rates
* info about the jogging / running events I emailed this list about last
* Free yoga class


I just realised I haven't included the boxing alley (which you'll see if
you are staying at carlaw park) that has casual rates too
http://boxingalley.net/join/ <-- casual prices are $20 per calss

I asked about the boxing gloves and they said " if you do a casual class/es
you can use our gloves there - we'd highly recommend buying your own gear
(gloves and hand wraps) though from a personal hygiene standpoint though."
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