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Steven Hanley sjh-lca2015 at svana.org
Fri Jan 9 12:22:03 EST 2015


I believe Stewart has already posted something to the list, however I only
have recently been added.

The Runnning BoF has been a regular part of the conference every year since
Melbourne in 2008 and it has been getting more popular every year.

Last year we had some really good jogs through Kings Park and surrounds.

Looking at the map (I am not familiar with Auckland) there is a massive
looking park (Auckland Domain) just below the uni and Carlaw Park (one of
the two accoommodation places) is on the edge of the park.

I would suggest we meet outside Carlaw at 6am on Monday morning and do a bit
of a jog around the park. We will get a good idea of the size and options
there and maye have some fun running around.

I guess Stewart and Leah will likely be involved, Probably Mathew Wilcox.
Recent conferences many others have been joining in, there is no need to be
fast, this is a fun social jog sort of effort, those who feel like doing
efforts can often do some form of hill or interval session while staying
near those keen to simply ejoy the morning at their own pace.

I can not yet edit the wiki so it may be useful if someone who can adds
some details such as 6am meeting outside Carlaw every morning of the
conference to the wiki.

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