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Not sure if this helps..

a. CBD running routes with distance + map

b. Here's a mapped run for Auckland Domain with distances for one event.
Tells you how many laps to run for 5 km and 10km.
The event is http://nz.srichinmoyraces.org/races/auck/series

c. Mapmyrun.com have a couple of domain runs

is the run for http://www.ymcamarathon.org.nz/events/summer-10k-series/

http://www.mapmyrun.com/nz/auckland-auckland/domain-run-route-60182 is
someone's 5.84 run.

Information about the CBD routes + other running/walking events in Auckland
can be found at

The items in section 6 was mentioned in an email to this list in Dec.

Good luck


On Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 2:22 PM, Steven Hanley <sjh-lca2015 at svana.org> wrote:

> All
> I believe Stewart has already posted something to the list, however I only
> have recently been added.
> The Runnning BoF has been a regular part of the conference every year since
> Melbourne in 2008 and it has been getting more popular every year.
> Last year we had some really good jogs through Kings Park and surrounds.
> Looking at the map (I am not familiar with Auckland) there is a massive
> looking park (Auckland Domain) just below the uni and Carlaw Park (one of
> the two accoommodation places) is on the edge of the park.
> I would suggest we meet outside Carlaw at 6am on Monday morning and do a
> bit
> of a jog around the park. We will get a good idea of the size and options
> there and maye have some fun running around.
> I guess Stewart and Leah will likely be involved, Probably Mathew Wilcox.
> Recent conferences many others have been joining in, there is no need to be
> fast, this is a fun social jog sort of effort, those who feel like doing
> efforts can often do some form of hill or interval session while staying
> near those keen to simply ejoy the morning at their own pace.
> I can not yet edit the wiki so it may be useful if someone who can adds
> some details such as 6am meeting outside Carlaw every morning of the
> conference to the wiki.
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