[LCA2015-Chat] Vodafone Travel SIMs

Peter Lawler lca2015-chat at bleeter.id.au
Sat Jan 10 16:04:25 EST 2015

On 10/01/15 16:16, Joshua Mesilane wrote:
> For what it's worth. If you can't be bothered getting a pre-paid sim
> overseas and you're with Telstra in Australia. They have "Travel Passes"
> available that you can just apply to your phone. It gives you unlimited
> calls for the duration, including back to Aus. The data allowances are a
> bit light-on, but supplemented with Wifi should cover most people who have
> automatic checking of email/etc on their phone.
> https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/international-roaming#intravelpass
> I hate pulling the sim out of my phone and swapping it over and given I
> also have a mobile tablet, this was just an easier (although maybe more
> expensive) option for me.
I was particularly underwhelmed by the data that the Telstra 'Travel 
Pass' provides. Whilst the cost of the phone calls and SMS stuff is 
useful, that I could get (iirc) 700MB for ~$70 was somewhat of a 
non-shock, hence I grabbed a 2degrees SIM locally in Auckland as that 
scored me 12GB for $100.

tl;dr - if you're roaming on Telstra, get the cheapest travel pass you 
can and get a 2degree local data SIM and shove it in your spare phone.


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