[LCA2015-Chat] LCA 2015 Delegate WiFi Credentials - Discussion

Steven Ellis steve at lca2015.linux.org.au
Sat Jan 10 18:12:43 EST 2015

As stated on announce list the password for our WiFi *cannot* be
distributed via the Wiki or published on public email lists. To assist with
this we've changed the archive settings for the announce list to private
until after the conference.

For 2015 the Delegate WiFi should cover most of the University of Auckland
campus, rather than being restricted to our conference venue, so we need to
manage the distribution of these details.

For general information about Internet at the conference, please refer to:

Please use this thread to discuss any troubleshooting or minor issues.
Major issue please report to the team immediately.


Steven Ellis
 Vice Chair and Sponsorship Lead LCA 2015 Auckland NZ
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