[LCA2015-Chat] Real Time BoF?

Camilla Eidem camilla.eidem at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 20:01:23 EST 2015

The Real Time BoF will be a lunch BoF tomorrow, tuesday.

We will meet near the registration desk at 12.30 and then go somewhere for
lunch and discussions.

Camilla Eidem Blomberg
Den 12 jan 2015 07:23 skrev "Camilla Eidem" <camilla.eidem at gmail.com>:

> Anyone interested in discussing real time and Linux?
> Suggested discussion topics:
> Rt and Linux experience sharing
> Tuning for better rt performance
> Tracing and Troubleshooting
> I would prefer to run the BoF on tuesday.
> Regards
> Camilla Eidem Blomberg
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