[LCA2015-Chat] Keysigning - Room?

Daniel Sobey dns at dns.id.au
Wed Jan 14 08:45:58 EST 2015

Hello Ewen and list,

I am suggesting we meet up stairs on the grassy knoll  and then find a room
(I have not booked anything).

I am in possession of 20 print outs of all the submitted fingerprints.
If you have some time before lunch can you find your fingerprint and make
sure you have it.
Can you also make sure you have some id as it we have no idea of who you
are and we don't trust you yet.
The fingerprints and keys are available from where you submitted your keys

The idea is not to trust anyone and know that i and everyone else can be
evil so we need to check and cross check everyhing.
We will be verifying that the fingerprints that you submitted matches the
fingerprint on the paper and that i'm not been evil and modified the
fingerprints to include my own etc.

Hope to see you at lunch time.



On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 10:25 AM, Ewen McNeill <lca at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz>

> On 11/01/2015, at 8:59, Daniel Sobey <dns at dns.id.au> wrote:
> If you can also add yourself to https://linux.conf.au/wiki/keysigning to
> show that you will be attending so we have rough numbers of how many copies
> we need to print.
> According to the wiki the keysigning is at lunch today (Wednesday 12:20)
> in "TBA".  Is today at lunchtime still the plan?  Has a room been picked?
> Ewen
> --
> Ewen McNeill, via technology from the future
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